We all need a place where we can simply be ourselves. No fake smiles. No slick facades. No more inch-deep relationships. A place where we can be real. First at Firewheel Church desires to be a place where we can take off our masks. A place where we and our families can connect with God and with other people who are following Jesus Christ.

We are asking all of our members to invest their passions, their resources, their relationships, and their service for the sake of the Kingdom. If you’re looking for a place like this, spend some time browsing through this site to find out more, or better yet, why not come this Sunday and find out for yourself at First At Firewheel Church.

At First At Firewheel Church you’ll find

  • A Fun, Safe Children’s Ministry
  • A Vibrant Place to Connect for Preteen, Junior High & High School Students
  • People Committed To Helping You Take The Next Step In Your Spiritual Journey
  • Relevant Messages from the Bible

For more info, please contact us.